Deliver Your Best Job Application

Despite your professional qualifications and experience, some job seekers like you still find it hard to land a job upon submitting your applications. Where most job seekers fail is not meeting the qualifications of the employer but delivering the best application possible for the said target position.

Know your target position

Knowing the nature of the job that you are applying for is of the topmost importance. If there is a call for applicants, the job description is usually a given; consider which qualifications and experiences you have that will align with the job position.

Make yourself relevant

You as an applicant must now consider how to best package yourself for the target position. List down your qualifications that best suit the job. Arrange them from the most relevant down to the least important (but still relevant). This way, you would be able to sell your talent and expertise in the most appealing way possible.

Present a concise application

Rule of thumb: present only the necessary information. A concise application is more appealing than a long one. Time is essential and limited for the recruiters. Recruiters and employers receive hundreds of applications for a single position, giving them a short amount of time to go through each application. Keeping your application relevant and concise would best put yourself in the best light for consideration.

Maintain visibility

When it comes to online job applications, maintaining an active status keeps an applicant’s visibility to employers. Making the most of online job platforms like Voxy Jobs is an advantage for job seekers.

Additional Tips

Uploading a video resume is a plus among recruiters to have a quick view of you as an expert.

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