How to create your Video Resume

Your Video Resume can become the single most important factor in moving your career ahead – it adds the flavour of your personality to your job application. 

Are you ready to get ahead in your Job search? Speak directly to potential Employers and let them get to know your personality and how you communicate. 

Tips on creating your Video Resume:

  • Keep it below 1 minute
  • Record it on your phone in landscape VIEW 
  • Don’t read out your resume
  • Talk about your skills, achievements and experience
  • Treat it like a movie trailer of your career and give just enough information for companies to know more about you.

Guide on how to create your Video resume:

1. Write a script. 

In this first step, make a plan for what you want to say. 

A simple introduction, what you are currently doing, your top achievements and where you are headed in future.

2. Prepare a filming space

Set up a silent quiet space with a neutral background and good lighting. 

3. Set up a recording device

 Set the recording device high enough to capture your face and shoulders in the frame. 

4. Record several takes

Record your video several times using different expressions and vocal tones to ensure you appear comfortable, engaged and polished throughout. 

5. Collect additional visuals

Consider including infographics, photographs or clippings if relevant that showcase your skills and accomplishments, enhancing your message and providing context.

6. Edit the video and get feedback

Review all of the footage you’ve captured, and select the best takes. To compile the video, you can use an editing software or an application.

Top Tips:

  • Focus on a specific experience or skill. 
  • Discuss an element that isn’t in your application – like a hobby or interest. 
  • Dress professionally. 

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