Ways to boost your job search

Looking for your next role but feeling overwhelmed by the process of searching and applying for jobs?

Here are some ways that will boost your job search:

1. Set your career goals

One of the most effective ways to get where you want is by setting goals. A career planner can prompt you to reflect and take action on what motivates you, your strengths and the industries and roles you’re interested in.

2.  Update your resume

Ensuring your experience, skills and training are up to date on your resume is a simple but powerful way to be ready to apply for a position

3. Update your online profile

The best way to maximize your chance of employers finding you is to have a strong online presence.

4. Prepare your references

Having the right references can make all the difference to landing a potential job. When you’re ready to start applying for roles, get in touch with your referees, let them know you’re applying for work and ask if they’re happy to vouch for you.

5. Research what you might be asked in an interview

Job interviews can be nerve-racking, but you can boost your confidence by getting an idea of the questions you’ll be asked then practicing how you’ll answer.

6. Tap into your network to find work

One of the most powerful ways of finding out about work opportunities is through networks. You can build and keep in touch with your network online: put some time into connecting or reconnecting with people.

7. Get in touch with recruiters in your industry

If you’re looking for work, recruiters are great people to be in touch with. Connecting with recruiters in your industry can save time and can help improve your CV and interviewing skills.

8. Reach out to businesses you want to work for

Do you have an ideal job in mind, or a business you’ve dreamt about working for? If so, consider going direct to them, expressing your interest in working there and asking about job opportunities.

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