E-Profiling for Quicker Job Landing

How you present yourself online plays a vital role in your life, especially as a job seeker.

Completing one’s profile on an online job platform can make or break one’s attempt at landing a target job.

Since the amplified commodity of online resources at the time of limited physical mobility, online transactions have been highly integral in business and economic sectors. This extends to the tapping of talents that are flexible, dynamic, and relevant to the success of the company.

This entails the need of job seekers for an online platform that would let them reach recruiters and showcase their skills and abilities to navigate and manage digital communications. This is the gap that Voxy Jobs fills: to provide an online avenue that lets job seekers and providers interact easier, quicker, and better.

As a free-to-access portal, Voxy Jobs empowers applicants to present themselves and know vacant positions that they could fill in through its high-end yet user-friendly technology.

Upon signing in the platform, what comes next is the creation of a profile that best represents a job seeker as the most desirable candidate for a position.

Here are the tips and tricks to better portray yourselves in an online platform:

Top of the list is completing one’s profile. An applicant has to make sure that work experience, educational background, and skills set (Soft and technical) are all contributing in the creation of a professional and impressive profile.

The inclusion of a Video Resume is also one of the key considerations of the recruiters these days. Recruiters check the Video Resumes to get a grasp of the applicants, particularly their soft skills. The first few minutes is critical in the Video Resume; hence, an applicant must be able to present a pitch, selling point, or personal brand for consideration to the position.

In the present world, an e-profile plays a crucial role for a talent to secure a desired position. Apart from taking advantage of free and in-demand job portals such as Voxy Jobs, curating a completed e-profile that best captures one’s potentials is also important to stay relevant in the every-changing job market in the UAE and abroad.

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